PARISH COUNCIL NEWS from the January 2018 Meeting 
CHRISTMAS TREE – The parish council would like to extend thanks to Glenda and Richard Logsdail for organising the splendid Christmas tree sited by the clock tower. Unfortunately the Logsdails are unable to undertake the project this year and the parish council is therefore looking for a volunteer please to take this on. Please let the clerk know if you are able to do this. 
SPEED INDICITOR DEVICES – The data from the recent deployments of the Speed Indicator Devices in the High Street and Olney Road is available to download on the parish council website (www.embertonparishcouncil.co.uk) under the heading “Information.” 
PARISH COUNCIL PRECEPT – The parish council precept for the 2018/2019 financial year will remain at £17,000. All financial data for the parish council can be found on the website under the heading “Transparency code”. 
WEED SPRAYING – Following a very successful spray of the footpaths and hard surfaces in Emberton in October, Marcus Young Landscapes have been appointed to continue the weed spraying programme with a second spray at the end of April/beginning of May and will follow this up by clearing away the debris. 
SMART WATER - In conjunction with Thames Valley Police, the parish council are able to offer Smart Water at a reduced cost of £8.95 per bottle. The product is enough solution to mark around 25-30 items. Each bottle of Smart Water has a unique forensic code making marked valuables identifiable. Smart Water is only visible under UV light. It is easy to apply and almost impossible to remove. The kit comes with 12 property labels and 2 window labels. Recognised by criminals, the “Smart Water thieves beware” signage sends out a warning to any would be thieves. The parish council has purchased 20 bottles of Smart Water and they will be available to residents on a first come, first served basis. Please contact the clerk to order a bottle. 
EMBERTON COUNTRY PARK – During January, residents may have noticed a survey of the park being undertaken. Longdin & Browning Surveys have been appointed on behalf of the Environment Agency to undertake a channel survey of the River Great Ouse as part of updating records for flood risk management purposes. 


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