Signing up as a member of Milton Keynes University Hospital gives you a chance to be involved in your local hospital,  
have a say in the services provided, vote for your local governor and even stand as a governor - and gives you NHS discount!  
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The local branch of the RSPCA is an independent charity operating across Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire for the benefit of animal welfare and the support of caring pet owners. The branch operates hardship support with the aim of keeping much loved pets in the family home, bereavement fostering and adoption, feral trapping and a range or rescue, neutering and re-homing activities a percentage of which are carried out in the Emberton area. We would be pleased to be featured with our website details for donations and enquiries. 
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Medical Detection Dogs 
Some of the world’s most powerful bio sensors, with fluffy coats and waggy tails, live on your doorstep and need homes while they undergo their training. If you’re interested in giving them board, lodgings and cuddles while they learn how to save lives, read on… 
The world leading charity, Medical Detection Dogs, trains dogs to save lives using their amazing sense of smell and is based next door in Milton Keynes. 
Bio Detection Dogs learn the odour of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and malaria in the charity’s training centre and this work will lead to early, less invasive diagnosis of some of the world’s biggest killers. 
Medical Alert Assistance Dogs work with individuals with complex health conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, POTS and severe allergies, giving them a 5-10 minute warning that a medical crisis is about to happen. Clients have no awareness that their condition is about to take hold, but the dogs detect a change in their odour. Their hairy lifesavers prevent injury, emergency services callouts and hospital admissions and give them back their independence and confidence. 
Most recently, the charity has been training dogs to detect COVID-19 as a wet-nosed line of defence against the virus. The first phase of the project proved that dogs can detect the odour with an accuracy of up to 94% - significantly higher than the other immediate testing method, the LFT. The dogs are now screening people in real world settings such as workplaces, conferences and events as part of their training and the project is at it’s final validation stage. It only takes a second and there is no need for an unpleasant swab. We know which we’d prefer… 
The charity is appealing to its nearby community for volunteer socialisers to look after the young dogs while they are trained. Claire Baker, Volunteer Manager would love to hear from you if you would like to give one of their beautiful puppies or younger dogs a caring and loving home. 
She says: “The charity is proud to have a no kennel policy and it is very important to us that our dogs live in a loving home environment before being partnered with a client or work as a Bio Detection dog. Without the help of our wonderful volunteer puppy and dog socialisers and fosterers we wouldn’t be able to train our life-saving dogs. This unique role involves attending regular puppy classes, following positive dog training methods and taking the dog to visit lots of different environments. You will need to be at home most of the day and be able to travel to our Centre in Great Horwood on a regular basis”. 
If you might be interested in hearing more please email 
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Recycling sack deliveries  
If you have run out of recycling sacks you can collect additional supplies from one of our Recycling Sack Outlets whilst stocks last or by filling in the online form at
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Job Centre Plus 
Find your local JobCentre Plus including address information, opening times and contact details. Jobcentre Near Me makes it easy to find your nearest jobcentre plus offices and information about benenfits, support and Universal Jobmatch
WikiJob is the best place to prepare for your interview, assessment centre or aptitude test. People can read expert advice and speak to other candidates. 
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Information for carers 
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