PARISH COUNCIL NEWS from the June 2020 Meeting 
COUNCILLOR FRED MARKLAND – Emberton Parish Councillors and the clerk would like to extend a warm welcome to Fred Markland. Fred is a long term resident and his extensive knowledge of heritage will be of a great asset to the parish council. Fred will be using his knowledge to work on a project to restore the well at Petsoe End. 
PARISH COUNCIL EMAIL ADDRESES – The parish council has the following email addresses: 
Chairman – 
Vice Chairman – 
Councillars Duncan, Flowers, Logsdail, Markland and White – 
Clerk - 
NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - Following on from last month’s article, a new Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been formed, consisting of Jason Bevan (Chairman), Joe Walker (Vice Chairman), David Barton, Melanie Duncan, Colin Jamieson, Fred Markland and Virginia Tierney. The group is supported by Chris Akrill from Town Planning Services with the parish clerk undertaking the administration role. 
There were a number of actions that the group agreed, namely to update the vision statement, review the sites put forward, refresh the Housing Needs Assessment and explore housing options. 
In these unprecedented times, Emberton Parish Council, under the guidance of the neighbourhood planning team at Milton Keynes Council, has taken the decision to halt consultation on Article 14 of the Neighbourhood Plan. 
This is to allow the consultation process to be restarted. 
The democratic implementation of a neighbourhood plan by the residents of Emberton parish provides a method to ensure that new developments 
meet the wishes of the village and addresses wider issues like affordable housing. Without a village plan it will be very difficult for residents and the 
parish council to resist future developments as MKC move to meet their housing targets. 
There have been some resignations from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and it is anticipated that a new committee will be formed to take this consultation forward. Please let Karen Goss, the Parish Clerk, know if you are interested in joining the Steering Group. 
Residents will have the opportunity of attending the public open meetings that will be re-scheduled and will be able to have the opportunity of submitting comments. The date of the open meetings and the end date of the renewed consultation will be advertised when they are known. 


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