PARISH COUNCIL NEWS from the July 2018 Meeting 
EMBERTON PARK – Unfortunately, The Head of Environment and Waste at Milton Keynes Council, who is also responsible for the management of Emberton Park, was not able to attend the parish council meeting; a further meeting is planned for the 13th August. 
DAMAGE TO CLOCK TOWER – The claim for the damage to the clock tower has been progressed and approved. The parish council has placed a contract with Boden & Ward for the repair. It is anticipated that the work will be undertaken in one day and a short diversion will be in place during this time. The parish council would like to apologise in advance for any disruption caused. 
MILTON KEYNES COUNCIL’S 5 YEAR HOUSING LAND SUPPLY – A briefing note had been received from MKC stating that (using the Liverpool method) the Council could only demonstrate a land supply position of 4.66 years, which is an approximate deficit of 890-900 dwellings. The parish council are committed to producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Emberton so that the parish can have their say on what development they want. 
MILTON KEYNES EAST LOCAL STAKEHOLDER GROUP – MKC have proposed the establishment of a Local Stakeholder Group as a forum for engaging with parish and town councils on the preparation of a Development Framework that will shape and guide future development of the Milton Keynes East Strategic Urban Extension. The Council has a reserve allocation within Plan:MK for the Milton Keynes East site and are currently pursuing funding from Government to enable development on the site to begin before 2031. The Stakeholder Group will consist of representatives from the 17 parishes in the Olney Ward including Emberton. 
COMMUNITY FUND FROM SOLAR FARM – Applications for grants are sought from community groups and individuals within Emberton to utilise the community fund from the solar farm; the projects do not have to be related to energy efficiency. 
There are two types of grants available, small grants up to £1,000 (no match funding) and community grants up to £3,000 (match funded). Application forms, together with the terms and conditions of the grant are available from the clerk or can be downloaded from the parish council website. 
Important information for households and businesses with septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants. 
In January 2015, new rules were introduced that simplify the way septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants are regulated in England, protecting the environment and improving water quality. 
If you have a septic tank or small sewage treatment plant, by law you must comply with the ‘general binding rules’ by ensuring your system is maintained properly and does not cause pollution. Extra protection is in place in areas designated as environmentally sensitive, where people may need to apply for a permit. 
What are septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants? 
If your home or business is not connected to the mains sewage system, the waste water from your toilets, baths, showers, sinks and washing machines will drain into one of the following systems: 
SEPTIC TANKS are underground tanks where solids sink to the bottom forming sludge and the liquid flows into a drainage field where bacteria treat it as it soaks into the ground. They’re not allowed to discharge into a watercourse. 
SMALL SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS work in a similar way but use mechanical parts to aerate the bacteria, which makes them more effective at treating waste water and means they can discharge treated sewage into a drainage field or directly into flowing water. 
Cesspits/cesspools are different because the raw sewage is stored in a sealed tank, rather than being treated and discharged, which means they are not covered by the general binding rules. They must be emptied when full and must not be allowed to overflow or leak. 
It’s easy to comply with the general binding rules. Here are the main things you need to do: 
• Have your system emptied by a registered waste carrier regularly (at least once a year unless the manufacturer says otherwise) to ensure it doesn't cause pollution 
• Maintain your system regularly, getting any faults or problems fixed immediately 
• You are limited to discharging a maximum of 2,000 litres of treated sewage per day into the ground or 5,000 litres of treated sewage per day to flowing water. If you discharge more you will need a permit. Calculate how much your system is discharging at www.gov.uk/small-sewage-rules 
• Speak to the Environment Agency before installing a new system as you may need a permit. Speak to your local council to check your system will meet planning requirements and building regulations. Only install equipment that meets British Standard BS EN 12566 
• If you sell your property, inform the buyer in writing that it has a septic tank or small sewage treatment plant 
Go to www.gov.uk/small-sewage-rules for more information, if you are unable to follow the rules, are worried your system may be causing pollution or want to check if your system needs a permit. 
Sunday 2nd September from 1-4 pm 
For more details of our wonderful village fete, please see our website www.embertonfete.co.uk 
Visit Facebook page All Saints Church, Emberton and ‘like us’ to receive regular updates. We’d love it if you shared our posts on your timeline to spread the word too! 
We would also value any contributions you could make to the stalls. You can leave donations at the pavilion, church porch clearly labelled or contact the following people to arrange drop off or collection: 
Cakes and jams– Penny 
Tombola – Glenda Logsdail 
Bottle Tombola – Maddi Forrester  
Toys Gerry and Miles Broadbent 
Accessories Stall –Louisa 
Fruit and Veg - Liz Dench  
Teas – Contributions and/ or help Janet Gamlen 
Bric a brac - Contact Hilary Proud  
Books – Angela and Richard Laval 
• Most comical vegetable 
• A famous landmark made from fruit and veg 
• The best tray garden –children’s competition 
Contact Vicki McLean  
The fete is an opportunity to socialise and help your village fete at the same time! Thank you as ever, for your generous support of the fete, which can’t happen without you, and we look forward to seeing you on 
No Dogs Please 


If you would like to know more about Emberton Parish Council or would like to get more involved in your local community simply call us on 01234 241892 or click here to contact us. 
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