Green garden waste collection - Milton Keynes Council has taken the decision to suspend food and garden waste from 14th January 2021 due to reduced staff. Food waste can be disposed of in the black sacks and keep any green waste in the garden. 
Consultation on change to catchment area for Olney Infant Academy - you can view the consultation here 
Milton Keynes Council Waste Collection Consultation 
As you may know, MK Council is currently carrying out a public consultation on changing the waste collection arrangements. The general idea is to use wheelie bins instead of sacks and boxes, with the new waste collection system starting in March 2023. 
The Council is also running a waste collection pilot scheme to trial the new collection system in various areas across the MK borough; the areas closest to Emberton chosen for the pilot are Hardmead, Astwood, Chicheley and Little Crawley. 
The proposals are to move to the following (instead of using sacks and boxes): 
- an 180 litre grey wheeled bin for residual waste collected weekly 
- an 180 litre wheeled bin with a red lid for paper and card (in the pilot scheme these are 
collected fortnightly) 
- an 180 litre wheeled bin with a blue lid for plastic, metals and glass (in the pilot scheme 
these are collected fortnightly, alternating with the paper and card collection) 
- the green food and garden waste wheeled bin (currently 140 litre) would be standardised to the 180 litre size (in the pilot scheme these are collected weekly) 
- a small yellow container to recycle batteries, to be hung on the green food and garden waste bin. 
There will be no changes to properties which currently receive a communal collection. 
In some circumstances, you can request a box instead of a bin, or request a bin larger than the standard size. We are told that excess waste, which does not fit into the relevant bin, must not be left on the side – it will not be collected. 
The Council is focusing on the following priorities for the new waste collection system: 
1. cleaner streets by reducing sack spillage 
2. greener by increasing recycling 
3. safer by reducing injuries to residents, staff and wildlife from sacks 
4. quality by improving recycling through separation. 
The key dates are: 
Consultation runs 2 November 2020 to 24 January 2021 
Pilot scheme in selected areas runs until the end of February 2021 
MK Council make decision on waste collection – March 2021 
Changes come into effect – March 2023 
As residents in the MK borough we are all asked to give our views on the Council’s consultation, which can be found at: 
Further information on the pilot scheme and replies to frequently asked questions can be found at:  
You can also receive hard copies by calling the MK customer services consultation team on 01908 253334.  
PARISH COUNCIL NEWS from the January 2021 Meeting 
COLIN JAMIESON - The parish council is pleased to announce the appointment of Colin 
Jamieson as a parish councillor. Colin has been behind the scenes of the parish council 
for a number of months listening in on the zoom meetings and he also plays an active role 
in the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Committee. 
PUBLIC FOOTPATHS - In 2026 it will be no longer be possible to make a claim for historic footpaths to be included on the definitive map. A campaign is underway by the Ramblers 
Association to identify as many lost footpaths as possible and they are appealing for public help in order to do so. Details of their campaign can be found here Foopaths in the Milton Keynes area have to be on MKC's definitive map otherwise they won't hae the correct status.  


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