PARISH COUNCIL NEWS from the April 2018 Meeting 
CHANGE OF VENUE FOR PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS – From May 2018, parish council meetings and the Annual Assembly will be held in the main hall of The Pavilion. Meeting dates, Agendas and Minutes are available to view on the parish council website at www.embertonparishcouncil.co.uk Dates of the parish council meetings are as follows:- Monday 14th May, Monday 4th June, Monday 16th July, Monday 3rd September, Monday 1st October, Monday 5th November and Monday 3rd December; all starting at 7.30pm and residents are welcome to attend. 
SPEED INDICATOR DEVICES – The data from the recent deployment of the Speed Indicator Devices are as follows:- 
High Street – Vehicle max 42mph Vehicle average 22mph 
OIney Road – Vehicle max 55mph Vehicle average 27mph 
The full set of data is available to view on this website under the heading "information" 
SPEEDWATCH – Following increased concerns and enquiries from communities, working with Thames Valley Police, the Road Safety team at Milton Keynes Council has identified a scheme (community speedwatch) whereby communities can sign up to take part in exercises where they can themselves actively be involved in managing speed in their locality. There has been a trial involving two communities during Autumn 2017, where both communities have seen positive feedback. 
The scheme works by residents of the community being asked to volunteer to assist in the setting up the Speedwatch device and logging vehicles that are exceeding the 30mph speed limit. Offenders are then written to via the Police advising them of their excessive speed and given guidance to avoid speeding in the future. Vehicles details are recorded on a Thames Valley Police speedwatch database. 
The parish council has expressed an interest in speedwatch and a demonstration of the equipment will be held in May. 
SMART WATER - In conjunction with Thames Valley Police, the parish council are able to offer Smart Water at a reduced cost of £8.95 per bottle. The product is enough solution to mark around 25-30 items. Each bottle of Smart Water has a unique forensic code making marked valuables identifiable. Smart Water is only visible under UV light. It is easy to apply and almost impossible to remove. The kit comes with 12 property labels and 2 window labels. Recognised by criminals, the “Smart Water thieves beware” signage sends out a warning to any would be thieves. The parish council has purchased 20 bottles of Smart Water and they will be available to residents on a first come, first served basis. Please contact the clerk to order a bottle. 


If you would like to know more about Emberton Parish Council or would like to get more involved in your local community simply call us on 01234 241892 or click here to contact us.