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PARISH COUNCIL NEWS from the May 2019 Meeting 
PARISH COUNCIL ELECTIONS – Parish council elections took place on the 2nd May the results of which are shown above. Richard Laval decided not to put forward his nomination for election but continues as Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Committee; for which the parish council is very much grateful. 
Councillors have been tasked with certain roles in the council as follows; 
Bell & Bear – Richard Logsdail (facilitator for information) 
Emberton School – Michael Horton 
Emberton Park – Harry White and Paul Flowers 
Emberton Playing Field Committee – Soo Hall 
Communication – Victoria McLean 
WEEDS – Weeds continues to be an on going issue. It is anticipated that spraying will take place during May and at the end of August/beginning of September and that a programme for the removal of the detritus will also be put in place. 
CLOCK TOWER – Long awaited repairs to the clock tower took place in May with an excellent repair being undertaken by Boden & Ward as part of an insurance claim following damage by a large lorry. 
WELL AT PETSOE – The parish council has been made aware that the well at Petsoe End is in need of extensive repair. Following a site visit by a stone mason, he has advised that removal of two trees causing damage to the well is required before an assessment for repair can be undertaken. 
PARKING RESTRICTIONS (OLNEY ROAD) – Following the initial consultation from the Neighbourhood Plan, many residents raised concerns regarding the rat running and speeding in Olney Road. Milton Keynes Council highways were asked to come up with a solution to help the situation. An officer visited and recommended that alterations to the parking restrictions be made in order to permit some roadside parking in Olney Road close to Emberton Park. MKC will be drawing up plans and making recommendations which will then be put to the village for their initial thoughts. 
PLUG (PARK LIAISON USER’S GROUP) – PLUG meetings have been re-instated at the request of both the parish council and Ward Councillors. These meetings deal with the operational procedures of the park and are attended by Emberton Parish Council, Olney Town Council, Olney Ward Councillors, MKC officers, Fishing Association, Sailing Club, SCORA (caravans), Friends of Emberton Park and previously a member from the Naval Cadets. The next meeting will be held on Thursday 20th June at 7.30pm at the park. 


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