The foeffee estate charity started in Emberton in 1887 aimed to provide accommodation for the poor within the community. Initially, the charity held assets comprising of cottages, a school room, a Master’s house and Pastureland around the village. After rationalisation and reorganisation, in 1999 this organisation became the Emberton United Charity ( EUC) (204221). Currently, the EUC and monies from the KAH Sams charitable fund (1967) are managed and administered by elected trustees (sanctioned by the parish council). The trustees interpret and administer assets and funds within the spirit of the original charity documents and bequest on behalf of the village community that they serve. Currently, the EUC manages pastureland at Petsoe, four rental properties and Emberton village hall, known as the Institute which has been enriching the community since 1870. 
The trustees aim to support and thus make provision for: 
. Relief of residents in need, hardship or distress. 
. Support of residents under 25 years of age for vocational training. 
. The maintenance and running of the village hall and caretaker's cottage. 
. The maintenance and running of four properties let at priority to village residents. 
. Letting and overseeing small areas of pastureland around the village. 
The Charity also administers a "Hardship Fund" and can make grants to those 
residents who find themselves in particular need. The Parish Council has recently 
augumented this fund due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


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